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Banks at risk unless they put people back into banking


Auriga, the banking software company, has unveiled a White Paper in which it argues it’s time for banks to put people back at the centre of their strategy.

Auriga recognises that banks face mounting pressure to control costs while improving client service and experience.  It says this comes in part from customers who are demanding easier, 24/7 access through PCs, tablets and mobile.  It is also the result of new entrants to the banking sector and the arrival of a number of ‘fintech’ companies whose new approaches and lower costs are constantly increasing the pressure on more established providers.

For many banks the only way to square the circle is to close branches and push customers online. It is unarguable that this reduces costs but it also radically changes the relationship between a bank and its customers.

For more on this story visit the following link: Banks at risk unless they put people back into banking

Source: Mobile Payments Today

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