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Best Banking System & Software Solution

Best Banking System & Software Solution

MFSYS (Pvt) Ltd provides the best banking system & software solution that will provide you with cost effective & robust solution, which is easy to use for your banking operations.

Core Microfinance Banking (CMB) is a pre-configured system for the specific requirements of Microfinance & Banking Organizations and provides an Enterprise Information System to build on. Can be easily molded to cater to emerging new starters, plus converting established financial intermediaries to large scaled-out Microfinance Banking Operations.

It comes with all the control, efficiency, productivity, scalability and low-cost business benefits that one can expect from Microfinance and Banking Software Solution.

Why CMB?

Centralized Data Repository
A single database contains all information of single as well as individual customers which facilitates a centralized environment and supports processing requirement.

Cost Effective and Robust
CMB is not only scalable and flexible but an economical solution which is designed to serve micro financing institutions allowing you to be up and running in a few weeks and to focus more on customer requirements immediately.

Easy to Use
An easy to use interface that can process even the most complex financial data and rapid configuration of products makes it an indispensable solution for your organization.

Latest Technology
The solution has been developed with the latest technology bringing you the most optimal level of convenience and reliability.

Dedicated Support Team
Support team is available 24/7 to answer queries and to resolve any issues. We believe in the highest standards of customer satisfaction and work alongside our clients as their preferred technology partners.

CMB provides banks with a core banking solution that helps to effectively manage their core transaction processing requirements.

CMB caters to the requirements of consumer, agriculture and corporate financing products and ensures a complete loan cycle.

CMB caters to the forex and payment orders, intermediate and back office operations both in foreign and local currency.

Furthermore, CMB offers solutions that can easily be integrated on various platforms i.e cloud, internet banking, mobile banking etc. With the technical expertise of the MFSYS team it is possible to cater whatever solution an institution wants for its customers in the most efficient & cost-effective manner.

Unlike banking systems & software solutions that are too difficult to implement for the in-house IT team and subsequently tailor them according to the organisations requirements, CMB has no such issues.

All this supplemented by the technical expertise of MFSYS, the best technology partner, for any organization makes CMB the must have banking solution for its operations.

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