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#Brexit – How people and financial passport(ing) impact a FinTech eco-system


In an age of on-demand information, 48 hours seams like a long time to understand the (un)intended consequences of Brexit on FinTech. Whilst Friday, 24 June created a series of reactions, the weekend is giving way to deeper analysis. 

A few have already started that analytical work (see Chris Gledhill here and Pascal Bouvierhere, while Huy Nguyen already talked about the Impact of Sudden FX changes for FinTech Start-ups here). Instead I’ll be focusing on two aspects of Europe’s single market: people and regulation.

At its core, the European Union is built on 4 key pillars, these are the free movement of: (1) Goods, (2) People, (3) Services and (4) Capital. In the context of Financial Technology it is easy to see how 2, 3 and 4 are immediately affected. However, the question becomes how and in what order? If so what citi(es) will benefit from this shift?

For more on this story visit the following link: #Brexit – How people and financial passport(ing) impact a FinTech eco-system


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