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Cardless cash transactions: What’s in it for consumers?


For some time, it seemed that mobile cash access would be slow out of the gate as well, more a nerd novelty than a standard practice. After all, a tiresomely pragmatic friend remarked when I described the ATMIA demo to him, “Why would I do that when I can just use my ATM card?”

Actually, there are several good reasons why, as Douglas Hartung, senior director of global software innovation at Diebold Nixdorf, explained.

“Just as with mobile payments at retail, if you only think about it as replacing a card dip with a phone tap to emulate a card transaction, it is rather limiting and begs the question of customer value,” he said. “The value comes into play when considering other potential use cases.”

For more on this story visit the following link: Cardless cash transactions: What’s in it for consumers?

Source: Mobile Payments Today

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