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…With world-class and outstanding implementation and support expertise, the solution has been successfully deployed in more than 10 countries including some of the leading MFIs in Asia and West Africa among other parts of the world.

Technology has been the main catalyst in transforming the landscape of banking sector. Implementation of appropriate technology solutions and core banking systems has enabled banks to optimize their processes, enhance services, and timely respond to their customer needs. Microfinance institutions however have been much slower in utilizing these technologies, primarily due to their high cost and complexities. Technology thus is consistently cited as one of the greatest challenges facing MFIs.

With CMB, technology no more remains a challenge for MFIs. It provides all the features and functions required by MFIs to automate processes, enables the movement to a single customer view and allows for optimization of work across branch and hub network. CMB also provides a strong launch pad to offer digital channel capabilities including online and mobile channel offerings. Irrespective of its advanced features, CMB implementation is a low cost investment that provides MFIs a competitive advantage.

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  • Features
  • Why CMB?

A complete end-to-end, scalable and pre-configured core microfinance and banking system that allows you to deliver exceptional microfinance and banking services, build customer satisfaction, enhance agility, fuel innovation and extend your competitive advantage through its advance technology and unique features. CMB is designed for growth as well as cost effectiveness and to help MFIs and Banks strategically respond to today’s business challenges.

CMB offers comprehensive features to support the full spectrum of microfinance and banking operations—from small, community-based microfinance institutions to large banks.

Technically advanced with most comprehensive and flexible functionality, Core Microfinance Banking solution offers microfinance institutions a technological competitive edge that creates a unique value proposition for your customers as it supports a wide variety of supported products and services, mentioned below but not limited to only these, as CMB is a solution designed for your specific business needs and requirements.


  • Current and Savings accounts
  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Credits
  • Collections
  • Fund Transfers
  • Remittances
  • Standing Instructions
  • Payments
  • Reports

Latest Technology

Built on flexible and scalable enterprise Java platform Java platform

Cost Efficient

Considering your social mission and financial challenges, one of the most cost-efficient solution for you encompassing all your business needsyour busi


Security management covering application and role-based accessrole-baseand role-based access

High Availibility

Built with fault tolerance and minimum downtime of the system 24/7 processing of large transaction volumesprocessing

Dedicated Support

From complete implementation to troubleshooting; our dedicated support team ensures smooth running of the system at all times

Deployment Models

Designed for centralized, decentralized and hybrid deployment models

Multiple Delivery Channel Support

Multiple-delivery channel support including branches, ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, call centers, mobile devices and internet banking

Risk Management Controls

Risk management controls including limits, collateral and non-performing assetssets


Easy-to-Use System with seamless data operations, helping you achieve your goals with greater flexibility goals with great