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How Can Financial Institutions Leverage Data?


Combination of internet and digital devices such as personal computers, mobile phones, sensors etc. generates enormous amount of data. With financial services serving as information businesses, it is crucial that in order to further financial inclusion, financial services are able to decipher the data and glean information that could be vital in solving this problem.

In order to decipher data it is important that financial institutions have a good information system from which they can readily generate various reports that can help them to assemble the desired information. This will be only the first step, as access to information isn’t the key that will unlock the door to greater financial inclusion.

Once the financial institution has credible information system put in place, it will need to monitor, evaluate the information coming in. Having a good monitoring system can help to identify the potential information gaps among other things and how best to plug them. Furthermore, if the management evaluation and learning management system has the capacity to help make informed decisions it will greatly help in furthering the financial inclusion agenda.

The best possible use of information systems will not only aid in the better understanding of the customer’s needs but most importantly improve the operational performance of the institute helping to lower the cost of borrowing for the clients which will directly improve financial inclusion across the board.

Therefore, to leverage data it is vital that institutes not only implement information systems that can help to gather and analyze data but also ensure that their staff has the capacity to use and understand the system in order to get the maximum advantage. For this partnering with the right technology partner could greatly ease these problems.

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