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Japanese Tech Firms Implement the First Blockchain Microfinance Service


Two companies from Japan have applied distributed ledger technology to record microfinance data using the Mijin platform. Infoteria Founder and CEO, Yoichiro Hirano, and Tech Bureau President, Takao Asayama are pleased to tell the world about the group’s blockchain accomplishment in the world of microfinance. The two teams successfully transferred a loan and deposit account data located on the main system of BC Finance the largest microfinance institution in Myanmar. Mr. Akira Sakakibara, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Japan said he welcomes the successful demonstration using Microsoft Azure, Mijin, and ASTERIA WARP.

The technology produced hopefully helps Myanmar get the resources it needs to help its underbanked population. The Japanese tech-firms explain, “Microfinance provides financial services such as loans and deposits to the broader population, and as such plays an important role in supporting Myanmar’s economic growth.

For more on this story visit the following link: Japanese Tech Firms Implement the First Blockchain Microfinance Service

Source: LiveBitcoinNews


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