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Mobile Banking Suite

Remote Transaction System

To acquire, authenticate and deliver financial transactions across multiple channels, financial institutions require scalable, reliable and agile transaction processing switch.

RTS is a robust yet cost-effective switch that meets the payment needs of microfinance and banking industry. This solution delivers end-to-end management from the point of acceptance of the transaction all the way to the issuer and back.

Within a decentralized setup, RTS deployment provides a fully centralized environment and opens a whole world of business opportunities. The following is what makes RTS a cost-effective transaction switch.

  • Robust technology for real time banking services for any decentralized MFIs
  • Point-to-Point Message Routing
  • Interactive Monitoring Interface
  • High Performance in remote areas with Low Bandwidth solution
  • ISO 8583 Compliant

Why RTS?


mConnect is multi-channel delivery middleware that enables you to provide microfinance and banking services across multiple delivery channels from branch, ATM and call centre to internet and mobile and from a multitude of devices. It also acts as an independent solution working with any microfinance or core-banking system.

mConnect is a robust yet cost effective platform through which MFIs and Banks surpass the conventional barriers and provide easy financial access to large populations.

How it works?

Mobile Banking Suite aimed to be a catalyst for the development of E-Banking for Microfinance Institutions all over the World.