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Money via mobile: The M-Pesa revolution

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When 53 police officers in Afghanistan checked their phones in 2009, they felt sure there had been some mistake.

They knew they were part of a pilot project to see if public sector salaries could be paid via a new mobile money service called M-Paisa.

But had they somehow overlooked the detail that their participation brought a pay rise?

Or had someone mistyped the amount to send them?

The message said their salary was significantly larger than usual.

In fact, the amount was what they should have been getting all along.

But previously, they received their salaries in cash, passed down from the ministry via their superior officers.

Somewhere along the line, about 30% of their pay had been skimmed off.

For more on this story visit the following link: Money via mobile: The M-Pesa revolution

Source: BBC

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