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RTS – Remote Transaction System

Remote Transaction System

To acquire, authenticate and deliver financial transactions across multiple channels, financial institutions require scalable, reliable and agile transaction processing switch.

RTS is a robust yet cost-effective switch that meets the payment needs of microfinance and banking industry. This solution delivers end-to-end management from the point of acceptance of the transaction all the way to the issuer and back.

Within a decentralized setup, RTS deployment provides a fully centralized environment and opens a whole world of business opportunities. The following is what makes RTS a cost-effective transaction switch.

  • Robust technology for real time banking services for any decentralized MFIs
  • Point-to-Point Message Routing
  • Interactive Monitoring Interface
  • High Performance in remote areas with Low Bandwidth solution
  • ISO 8583 Compliant

Why RTS?

Mobile Banking Suite aimed to be a catalyst for the development of E-Banking for Microfinance Institutions all over the World.