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State of Industry Report on Mobile Money 2015


The latest report on the impact of Mobile Money Industry in 2015 has been released. The findings of the report highlight the following positive impact:

  • Strong growth is emerging in new regions including South Asia, where more than a third of all registered mobile money accounts were opened in 2015.
  • The industry is expanding to better serve the needs of cross-border trade and regional economies. In 2015, there were 29 cross-border mobile money initiatives connecting 19 countries—and by volume, international remittances were the fastest growing product with 52% growth over last year.
  • Customers are using mobile money more than ever—in December 2015, the industry processed over a billion transactions.

Even though the positive impacts highlighted suggest considerable gains have been made but there is still a need to provide a wide range of affordable products and services that can help mobile money reach its commercial and social impact potential. Building a broader ecosystem and driving usage in new products and services would help ensure that mobile money is more sustainable, profitable and relevant to customers in the long-run.

Apart from diversifying customer usage following trends will also impact industry’s evolution:

  • Operational foundations and agent management remain critical to digitize cash.
  • Increased investment will be crucial for providers to compete in an online world.
  • While mobile money is more accessible than ever before, there is still an opportunity to reach underserved segments, particularly women and rural consumers.

Apart from identifying the trends that could shape the mobile money industry, the report also looks at the following:

  • Availability and spread of mobile money services globally
  • Access to mobile money services, including both physical access through agent networks and technical access through the mobile interface
  •  Adoption and customer activity levels, particularly how service providers drive scale
  • Usage and how the industry is focusing on usage that builds the ecosystem
  • Revenues and investment

Keeping these trends in mind and shaping the industry by taking appropriate measures to address these issues will help ensure the greater impact of mobile money on the industry and customers alike.

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